Saturday, December 4, 2010

Superstitions from the House of Chanel

Before I tell you those, yes, I am on track with my holiday wardrobe, I just need to upload the images so I can post the my last progress report for my polka dot skirt. Hooray, the next one is waiting.

So, the true story.... Yesterday, while I was finishing the belt for my skirt I was watching my favourite Haute-Couture movie 'Signé Chanel'. This is, in my opinion the best movie on Haute Couture for anyone who is interested how a collection is produced. Because I was looking at the screen every now and then, I pricked my fingers many time yesterday. And, voila, in one of the episodes, the amazing Chanel seamstresses offer an explanation to my suffering: Joy at home.... yes....

So let me give you some of the wisdoms they felt comfortable sharing with the camera team:

If a dress falls, it will be liked. 

Couturiers avoid sewing green.

Spilling a box of pins means fight.

Each pricked finger has a meaning. The right hand means work, the left hand means - heart. Pricking your thumb means joy. Then it goes: boredom, love, a letter, a parting.

Dropping scissors means bad news, bad luck, a death - terrible things. Yes, death! Madame Martine, the head seamstress shared a horrible story about one of her colleagues and what happened to her after she dropped scissors a day before....

The only thing you can do is say "I don't care" seven times over your shoulder, to break the curse. The pity is they haven't specified which shoulder, left or right. I guess this would be of importance.

I must admit I am superstitious, so, for the rest of the evening, I was taking good care about scissors trying to prick my left thumb every now and then

Do you have any sewing superstitions?


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