Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couture Dress Class by Susan Khalje: Great offer to my readers!

Hours of streaming video content packed with couture tips and techniques - the new course by Susan Khalje, one of the true couture experts and sought-after teachers, is truly addictive! Hosted by, the course guides you through the process of making of a couture dress with the help  of step-by-step video lessons and Q&A interaction with the teacher.

I am taking the course,  and what I have seen so far is almost as good as a face-to-face class with Susan. Not only the video, but also the message board contains a wealth of information for couture learners. I won't be going into detail, as I will be posting a sneak peek of the dress-in-progress and the final review later.

But here is the exciting news: offered a generous 50% off the regular class fee to Frabjous Couture readers! All you need to do is click the badge below and sign up for the class:

I hope you will enjoy the class as much as I do, readers! 

Oh, and more! Susan has kindly agreed to an interview, and so, I want you to be able to ask her questions as well - just post them as a comment below!


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