Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project Runway fabric mecca to get an online revamp

(Public apology in small print: I can't believe how quickly this month passed. I was very very busy, so much happened lately and I need to report on all of these events, but let me start with the most recent, and, I promise I will catch up on the other May events and activities (with reviews and useful resources).

Ok, so, approximately a week ago I opened my email to find a message from Mood Fabrics, the Project Runway fabric mecca. Apparently I have been chosen to participate in a focus group with several other terrific people to give my opinion and suggestions on online shopping with Mood Fabrics. Ahem!.. moi?

Have you tried shopping on Mood Fabrics website? I did, twice - cumbersome and overwhelming. I gave up... Who would not, honestly? Maybe I am spoiled by Zappo's online shopping experience, but, hey, this is, hopefully, the standard, or?

Wait, not that I am not a Mood Fabrics fan. I love Mood! I love discovering amazing fabrics there and I often (too often) find amazing designer pieces at a fraction of regular price... Well, the good news is that Mood is working on a new website! Yes, I repeat, in approximately six months Mood will have a new website, which will be, I very much hope, faster, user-friendlier, more social, more intuitive and more informative. Let's revisit it then and see if it lives up to our expectations, shall we?!

For now, let's give them a big 'Thank you, Mood!" for listening to a common fabric shopper's voice. It was fun!

Thank you, Mood!

Now, back to you, readers! Have you shopped at Mood Fabrics online? Do you shop for fabrics online? Where? and why? I'd love to hear your experience and recommendations!!!


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