Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding time for sewing

The last two weeks have been crazy, non-stop colds and kids would wake up every two hours. Have I mentioned that I do not work in the fashion industry. Well, my profile is media and communications. Fashion has always been on-hold because of the family, kids and many other circumstances. And now, finding time for sewing or designing has been even more difficult. For the last two years, I have been sleeping maximum five hours a day, and in the evening I feel I could just fall asleep standing.

Nevertheless, for some reason, I am even more determined to plunge into fashion design and dressmaking than ever before. I am taking refresher classes at Parson's, participating in online expert chats, reading loads of new (for me) books on textiles, fashion design, patternmakign, garment construction... you name it.

So, as long as this enthusiasm and, even more importantly, my energy last I will be blogging Frabjous Fashion. So wish me good luck.


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