Thursday, August 11, 2011

Couture Classes: Sit & Sew Day 4

The last day was frantic for me: I haven't yet put the jacket together, but at least the collar was padstitched and I tried some seam treatments. Kenneth gave me some instruction how to proceed with the jacket and I got his CD book "The tailored jacket", so I believe I am set. He refitted my pants after another round of alterations, but for now, my suit will have to wait until September since tomorrow I am off for a two-week holiday in Maine.

However, readers, here are a few more highlights from the class.

All-in-one facing demo by Kenneth:

Another don't-ask-me-how technique... It went super fast and there is no way I can figure out how. But at least I remember the fly zipper application :-)

Hats by Hanna

She did some amazing job making these hats - very lovely

Louis Vuitton fabric (below) brought from Paris in one of Susan's class trips to the French capital. It's being made into a coat:

A cute leather pouch: zipper application and all the construction was demoed in the class, flowers were done earlier.

Invisible lace seams demo by Susan: another gem, readers. The jacket Susan is helping with is very sheer, and the seems needed to be treated in a way that made them neat and almost invisible.

I saw these technique on a Valentino blouse. Seams are bound into flesh-colour silk organza and virtually invisible once worn.

Honestly, readers, this was not all, we had more demos, including hand-picked zipper and other and got  several great handouts with couture techniques instructions and a list of resources for all things couture. 

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed the class. As for my jacket and pants I will be blogging on it  once I am back from my holiday end of August.


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