Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm back and up to a new couture class!

Friends, thank you for your patience! It's finally over, the old job and all the associated stress! We also celebrated my daughter's 2-year birthday and enjoyed a day on the beach. Monday and Tuesday passed running errands, and so it's Wednesday and I am wondering how come I thought I would have more time once I am not working anymore?

Another thing I have noticed it's extremely difficult to get into the exercise of writing daily after such a break. The problem is actually, I got to much to write about and don't know where to start. Well, I will make it a lazy transition for myself and for you by making some exciting announcements.

So, here is a spoiler alert, readers!

... I am starting another course with Susan Khalje and Kenneth King TOMORROW - their great Sit & Sew in New York. So, get ready for another course diary and my work-in-progress. What am I going to sew? I am still deciding! Irresponsible, right? yes, since I have to make a muslin before, hmm... I am tending toward a tailored tweed suit. What do you think? (I really wanted to incorporate some boning project, but... it just doesn't really work with anything I planned for the next season)

Decision made - here is my inspiration:

I do want to incorporate some burgundy red in it, maybe leather, and make the jacket slightly longer... While this Burberry suit is ready-to-wear, what I am really looking forward to is couture tailoring techniques for the jacket. Susan was saying in her French Jacket Course that couture uses soft tailoring techniques, which are very different from RTW. I want something that is not stiff, but I believe some support will be needed for the breast area and for the collar. We used organza to support a small area  above the breast in our French Jacket class... but this one can be completely different. After all, Chanel jacket techniques are specific for loosely woven fabrics and boucl├ęs. Let's see!

As for pants, in the class, I will be doing only a muslin and finish the pants later. Having Kenneth fit the pants is a dream come true. I  want to have one great fitted straight leg pant muslin that I can use for all other pants, shorts, etc.

The course will last four days and I know it's not enough to finish this project, but I hope to get the jacket far enough to be able to finish it without any guidance. So, get ready for some couture sewing reporting!

I missed you very much, I must admit! :-) 


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