Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gadgetmania updates and news

Thanks to everyone for responding to the guest blogger proposal! I got quite a few emails from you and am very excited to start the guest blogger series!

In the next few weeks, I hope, we will see posts on patternmaking rulers, fabric swatch tools, threads, needles, scissors, dress forms, and even glue... The latter is not quite a couture tool, but I think it is still interesting to learn how this guest blogger is using it in her sewing! Overall, however, the focus will be on couture sewing and related tools.

Well, I have replied to all contributors. If, by any chance I missed your proposal, please forgive me and send me a brief reminder!

The news is that from now on Gadgetmania posts will also feature couture notions, so I will be merging these two areas. In the course of this year I learned a thing or two about couture notions and am very keen to share it with you! So, stay tuned!

For those who want to contribute, please feel free to contact me at mvk(dot)fashion(at)gmail(dot)com with a line or two about the tool or notion you would like to feature! If you have any requests for the upcoming posts, go ahead, post a comment with your wish :-)

À bientôt, readers!


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