Friday, July 20, 2012

Sew Organized: Thread

Dear readers, a while ago I organized my sewing space, so I could easily find and store things, reducing clutter and time spent finding the right tool. I loved reading about your sewing spaces, so now it's my turn to share.

This week I am organizing thread. And here my solution (nothing original, I admit, but quite efficient).

I buy my thread in bulk during 50% sale at Jo-Ann's. Most of what you see there is Guterman Polyester and Mettler silk-finish cotton. What you see is not one giant thread rack. I used two Mega Racks by June Tailor. Mine accommodates 90 spools on each rack, that is 180 altogether.

I store my basting thread separately because I use three main colors: white, black and red. But more about it in another post.

How do you store your thread, readers?


Mohammad Salauddin said...

This is gorgeous! You look amazing! I'm weeping a li'l over your four holiday dresses cause I can't scrape together the time/energy/fabric to make ONE! SADNESS!
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