Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adieu, my sewing machine...

My sewing machine is broken. It was not really a fancy one (actually not at all), neither was it a big investment (it was the cheapest one available, except for travel versions). A basic Brother model, all plastic (the reason for the longevity, yes).

My grandma always said, we are not so rich to buy cheap things (Yes, grandma. you were right, yet again).

So, this time I am going to buy a good, all metal mechanical sewing machine. My fashion design instructor recommended Bernina 1009. Quite an investment ($600 and up), but apparently those machines are eternal. Juki was also mentioned, but I am biased towards Swiss quality even though it's not a watch. Since I cannot have a Rolex, I am saving money for the another masterpiece of Swiss engineering, that is Bernina.

Meanwhile, all my plans for sewing a fabulous holiday wardrobe, fit for traveling (to please my mom and to impress everyone else) are challenged by the fact that I will have to do all my sewing by hand. This will last forever, I guess.


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