Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Wardrobe: an exceptionally bad start

I knew it would come - sixteen days left until our flight to Europe and I am not ready. I wanted to take with me a few fabulous pieces for three holiday/X-Mas dinners, a cocktail with old friends, a theater night and a party for kids. All I have is an almost finished polka dot skirt and nothing to match it with.

My sewing machine is broken - which leaves me with hand sewing. That's going to speed up the process, ha-ha.

I will have to be full time at work and that means sewing at night.

Well, what helps is my optimism: I can do it (I hope).

Oh, right, and I promised myself and my better half hand-sewn leather gloves. I better become organized and shoot right away with the first pieces.

So, dear Blog, I promise I will document my progress and post all the details of my joyful journey to a fabulous holiday.

Now, straight to the cutting table, I need to cut lining for my PD skirt.



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