Sunday, November 28, 2010

polka dot skirt: work in progress

Here is the silk taffeta I bought at Mood Fabrics. Not an easy fabric, that's why I knew I am going to do a lot of hand sewing (which I love). But this is what this fabric deserves. I especially love the rustling sound of silk. If you can hear it, enjoy it. It's like hearing birds in a busy city: always mesmerizing for me. These sounds make you forget the daily stress. There is something classical and ethereal about silk.

The taffeta is actually very dark blue, but it looks almost like black.
I underlined the skirt with silk organza, mainly to prevent wrinkling. In my job I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer, so wrinkling is an issue. I also wanted to give some body to taffeta, and organza was the perfect solution

I didn't want to set a regular zipper. Normally I would hand pick the zipper (or stitch) , but this would create an additional lines there, which would interfere with the dot pattern, making the back look busier than needed. 

 So, my skirt is almost there. I need to add lining - for this purpose I bought navy China Silk (perfect for linings). After that a belt and hemming the skirt and it should be finished.


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