Thursday, March 3, 2011

Galliano fired from Dior. What now?

Yes, me too, I was shocked by Galliano's drunken anti-semitic remarks. And yet, I feel sad that such an innovative and original designer had to be such a jerk.

A man who completely reinvented the Dior brand, leading the famous couture house for the last fifteen years, is now facing a trial, said Paris prosecutor's office on Wednesday, March 2, according to NYT. He could face six months in prison and up to $31,000 in fines.

His friends are claiming, he was under much pressure.
“He has always been pretty shy,” said Daphne Guinness, the British socialite. She speculated that the intensity of creative and commercial pressures on designers at global luxury houses may have had an impact on Mr. Galliano’s state of mind. She added, “It makes me terribly worried for him. He has had a couple of tough years.”
Comments by Vogue Italia Editor Franca Sozzani are equally disturbing. 
"While I condemn John's words, I am frightened by how quick these young people were to try to gain notoriety or money while destroying the image of a genius in the process... Exploiting someone’s notoriety to have your own moment of fame is one of the most disgraceful and disloyal things one can do. Any famous person is open to attack or insult, and it’s difficult to defend him when, as in this case, the news goes around the world."

Pretty lame, I would say. Especially the last sentence quoted here... You don't say things like that if you don't believe in it, famous or not, don't you think so?


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