Thursday, March 3, 2011

In-Detail: Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga

ok, I am still sick, in bed, reading news, and watching latest fashion bits therefore. Balenciaga, being the latest update to the Paris Fashion Week, showed some really inspiring trends for some easy-to-do pieces for the fall, or, even for this spring.

LOVE: The fantasy print and the shimmery (under)lining of the skirt:

HATE, HATE, HATE: Hand-knit leather jackets and vests

Can a woman on the street with at least a hint of breast wear this heavy leather-knit vest that seems to have a look and functionality of a flak jacket? calls it a couture level innovation, what do you think?.. an inspiration for a finer knit... maybe. The only question is where to get a leather yarn? Knitting with piping? Maybe... in one word, another fantasy project!

LOVE: Neon accents (continued from the previous season, but a welcome trend for gray winter days)



LOVE: Mod Details and quilted yokes

LOVE: Color blocking

So, which ones from the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2011 trends do you like, or may even try to incorporate in your wardrobe (sewing)?

1. Fantasy prints
2. Shimmery underlining (gorgeous with prints)
3. Hand-knit leather
4. Neon accents
5. Fish-net garments 
6. Mod details
7. Quilted yokes
8. Color blocking


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