Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finished: Oliver & S Ice Cream Dress

So, here is the finished Ice Cream Dress from Oliver & S. The print is a screen printed cotton from Robert Kaufman. I pre-washed it, which caused the fabric to get off-grain. It took me some pressing and stretching to grain the fabric, but there is still some distortion...

The next on the list is the V-notch on pockets and on the neckline. I blogged about the infamous V-Notch Tutorial yesterday and will try the techniques you suggested this week. If you also struggle with sharp V-points on your garments, check out comments under the linked post - there are some really great suggestions there. As for print matching - I think it was overall quite fine - and it was pretty easy

the back of the dress...
...with a little perl button
I also understitched the hem by hand - really enjoyed the process after a stressful working week!

Here is my little one modeling the dress. No ice cream, but a lot of Hello Kitty stickers on her hand :-)

She wears it with confidence! That's a good sign, or? :-)


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