Friday, September 23, 2011

Colette Fall Palette Challenge: The Progress

Ok, I am tortured, suffering, and impatient, readers! Are you familiar with that feeling when you are so ready for something, but something beyond your control delays it. I am talking about the Colette Fall Palette Challenge (read about my plans here)

The Colette patterns are not here yet, and I am dying to cut Sencha and Macaron. I also need the Macaron pattern to get leather for the bodice. The patterns must have been shipped on Thursday so I got to be patient. I also ordered Clover pants today....

So, I spent whole day tracing Burda patterns and preparing muslins for the Mohair jacket, Silk skirt in Teal, a blouse from the same Burda 08/2011 issue, and, finally, the cape. Here is the proof:

I still need to transfer seam lines and markings, so I may be able to do it tonight. I doubt, though, I will be able to put together any muslins this weekend, as children keep me extremely busy.

I am now off, dinner is ready and the family is waiting...

What are your plans for the weekend? Any sewing?


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