Friday, September 23, 2011

My Fall Wardrobe plan (aka Colette Palette Challenge)

I promised you my Colette Fall Palette plan. Here are some fabrics I am very likely to use. There maybe some changes on the way, but only minor ones.

As I have my Chanel-inspired skirt ongoing, as well as couple of UFOs - I chose only four garments for this challenge. Ok, my color palette is different... but I just love real images as oposed to technical drawings.

SENCHA BLOUSE from Colette Patterns: I picked flower print charmeuse for the blouse.
MACARON, also from Colette Patterns: I am using the red mohair for the skirt, with matching leather for the bodice, and wool chalis (still not sure) for the top.
BURDA 08/2011: I love both, the skirt and the blouse, but for the challenge I am working on the skirt in medium-weight twill silk in teal.
BURDA 08/2011: this cropped jacket will be made from the grey blue mohair to match the skirt.   
I also crave COLETTE CLOVER PANTS after I saw this version by Sarai on her wonderful blog Coletterie. (By the way, if you don't know Coletterie, make sure you follow it - it is very inspirational and full of great sewing tips!) Back to Sarai and Clover: doesn't she look gorgeous?

I am still waiting for Colette patterns to arrive. I ordered their Jasmine blouse as well, but the initial run of the blouse ran out of stock, and so it takes somewhat longer. I would need to order Clover pants as well, as this is something I really want to have for this fall, in teal or purple wool.

My bonus item that doesn't match with the wardrobe, but that I really wanted for the fall to wear with my jeans is this CAPE I fell in love with the moment I saw it in the same Burda 08/201.

I chose very similar bouclé plaid from Mendel & Goldberg (I blogged about the store here). And yes, I am quilting it!

What are you sewing for the Fall, readers?


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