Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Commenting for Wordpress users and Open ID restored

... hopefully!

Dear readers, thank you for letting me know that you were having problems commenting on my posts with Wordpress or Open ID. I have installed a widget that will allow you to post comments with Open ID - thanks, Tejaswini Dhavale, for a tip.  In addition, I enabled commenting for anyone. That means, however, that there may be more spam posted on the blog, so I had to switch to comment moderation.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

UPDATE on how to enable Wordpress/ Open ID comments:

There are two ways you can enable Wordpress comments again.  First one is by allowing comments to Anyone in your comment settings section, like on the form below. However, I would recommend to activate comment moderation if you want to avoid spam.

The one that I used is a widget by The DISQUS widget will disable your Blogger comments and will replace the original Blogger comment form with a disqus template. But no worries, they are all there - you will be able to see them on your Blogger dashboard. So, if you install disqus, make sure you import your existing comments through your disqus dashboard, otherwise you won't be able to view them. They will reappear on your blog within couple of hours, once the import has been completed. I must say, this is somewhat annoying, but at the end disqus comment form has somewhat more social template that gives you more options for interaction with and among the commenters. I hope this helps!


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