Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ease #2: a-ha discovery (me embarrassed)

Readers, I might be stating an obvious fact, but based on your comments you also are not aware of the fact that Vogue Patterns do state the final garment circumference for the waist, bust and hips on their pattern sheets. Here is the proof:

So, there was no need to measure pattern pieces, ahem - I am embarrassed. I wasted time stated on the pattern anyway. The bust measurement for the finished garment is 94cm, waist 73cm. The body measurements are 87 and 67cm respectively. Which gives us 7cm ease

Apparently, all Vogue patterns are marked in the same way. So, here is the tip of the day: read instructions. It's all there: the circle symbol with a cross inside "indicates Bustline, Waistline, Hipline and/or Biceps. Measurements refer to circumference of Finished Garment (Body Measurement + Wearing Ease + Design Ease). Adjust pattern if necessary." A-ha - I will indeed.

For those who are wondering why this matters, read yesterday's post

Did you have an embarrassing moment in your sewing that you may not feel ashamed of to share?


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