Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Couture refashion: inspiration snaps

I haven't had inspiration posts for a while. But yesterday as I was cruising J.Crew.com site in search for a party dress for my daughter (J.Crew is one of my favourites for kids party clothes), I found a few interesting pieces for adults as well.

See, I got a very boring camel pullover in a desperate need of repair (couple of tiny holes). The color is too pale to suit me, and a pop up of color like on this J.Crew cardigan will give it an instant upgrade, don't you think so?

Source: {J.Crew}
The same is true for a few shirts in my wardrobe, which I haven't worn for months now. So this idea is an option. I don't think I would go for Swarovski crystals (it is a girlier alternative, I feel), but some other embellishment may work.

Source: {J.Crew}

This final image comes from my Pinterest board ( I am now really addicted to it!). A beautiful lace collar (from Louis Vuitton spring collection, I believe) adds a beautiful touch to an otherwise plain cropped pullover. Not my style either, but I love the combination! There are hundreds of beautiful vintage lace pieces on eBay that can be easily transformed for this style.

Do you refashion your clothes? Where do you find your inspiration?


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