Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chocolate is good for the morale!

Readers, do you reward yourself for hours of monotonous hand sewing? - I am thread tracing this skirt:

I mean, I can cross-stitch without any problem. Once I start cross-stitching I can't stop. I tend to cross stitch everything. I get lost in cross stitching...

Anyway, thread tracing is different. This is something I am not crazy about at all! And this skirt has seven main pieces, plus seven facing pieces. And I am getting tired of it, and at the same time I got to finish it today.

Normally, when there is chocolate in house, I would divide the boring part of my sewing in chunks and reward myself for each part with a piece of chocolate. Yum! Seven pieces - seven chocolates! Plus facing, ooooh.

That's the picture on my tea mug! Yes, I know...

So, I am asking you, do you reward yourself for hard work-in-progress somehow??? I know what I am going to pack as a part of my Baltimore emergency kit! Chocolate is good for the morale, readers! Feel free to confess!


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