Monday, March 5, 2012

Planning for another Camp Couture!

Readers, have I told you that I am going to another couture class with Susan Khalje end of March! It wasn't planned, but in the last minute things just worked out perfectly, and there were/are still couple of seats in the class available. Is anyone from you going as well?

Well, there are a few things I want to work on there:
  • a corselet  that I can wear as a separate piece or under sheer blouses. 
  • a simple Chantilly lace blouse is also on the list, and, finally, 
  • a bias silk slip with lace, which I want to start there
I definitely want to finish two. This time I will need to focus on what I want to accomplish and stick to my plan, so not a single minute of this six-day course is wasted. I am saying this because last time I went to Baltimore I packed a bag full of different projects, fabrics and notions. As a result I had difficulties focusing on a single project... I just didn't spend enough time preparing for the class. I had quite a busy month then and packed without a clear plan.

Ok, I learnt my lesson, and here is what I am going to do! In the week preceding the course, I will
  • make muslins for all three projects, and
  • fit them, so Susan needs to help with final touches only
  • choose the fabric (hopefully from my stash),
  • prepare all the notions I need to complete the projects without wasting time for shopping in the neighbourhood Jo-Ann's,
  • select only essential tools I need for these projects (I tend to drag along too much - not clothes but all the sewing stuff).
I hope this works, as I still participate in the Sew Colette Sew-Along hosted by the charming Sarah of Rhinestones & Telephones and testing the first pattern by Suzy of Suzy Sewing (you go, girl!). Besides that, I am starting a new and very exciting project which may last as long as one year, but more about it later, once all details are in place. All I can say is that projects made in the Couture School will be part of it.

But back to class planning! Have you attended sewing classes? Any tips on how to best prepare for an outside class, besides zillions of other projects, three demanding kids, a husband and bugs that keep the entire family sick all this time? I would accept all the proposals, including meditation, yoga poses and using essence sticks! Please!.. anyone?!


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