Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Pimp my' pencil skirt

Readers, tell me, honestly, what do you think of pencil skirts. I love(d) them but I keep on thinking on how you can make them more special, how to add a personal touch that represents you as a character. For example, I am a lace addict, and, when in Mood, I spend most time at their lace remnants box. I got wonderful pieces there, readers... But back to pencil skirts! I always look for those nice details, such as lace, for example, to embellish pencil skirts. Or, forget lace! Add structural lines (=seams), pockets, plackets, trims.... and and and

I think the Fall 2012 Dolce & Gabbana collection demonstrated  a few creative ways to do exactly that - make a simple pencil skirt special, using construction lines, prints, and lace. Check it out yourself, here are my favorites (source: Stylebistro):

upholstery-style fabric is in again, and I am happy, because I have a beautiful one in my stash. I think this combination of lace and flower print is beautiful!

very cute lace - it has this three-dimensional effect that has some edginess because of the material used for this lace. I wonder what it is though... Anyway, with the right type of fabric, this is an easy project even for a beginner.

Instant upgrade for a 'boring' black pencil skirt - a vertical guipure lace panel. And, slimming! If you decide to use this effect, apply by hand and stabilize the panel by basting it with matching thread to the fashion fabric.

So simple, but the lace makes it so romantic. The jacket is underlined with organza, I believe, see the crispiness of it. I woudl underline the skirt as will, and experiment with nude and off-white colors for organza

Gorgeous! My absolute favourite! For a DIY be careful with the placement of the middle panel - it can be a key for how your hips look! On this skirt, it is placed just under the hip line. The top and the bottom portions are dramatic enough to shift the emphasis from the middle panel. And, at the end, if you are worried about widening your hips, skip the middle panel alltogether - it will still look beautiful (provided you have similarly dramatic scallops on your lace) As a true couture enthusiast I would question a straight seam that attaches the bottom lace panel to the fashion fabric, but it may be a design choice...
I love the combination of two different lace types on this skirt - not a quick project if you haven't got a piece that has the laces combined!

 Did you like these skirts, readers? Which one is your favourite?


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