Friday, April 29, 2011

Sewing Gadgetmania 9: Sock Darning Mushroom

Mending on the Royal Wedding Day?

Well, it's Sewing Gadgetmania Friday, and we have a fresh gadget nomination, and I am at my mending... and we all watched the Grace Kelly - inspired wedding dress, and, ooh, it was beautiful! and, yay, we know that there is an almost identical Vogue Pattern  on sale for $4.99 on VoguePatterns. Yes! The Royal Wedding Dress for $4.99! So, go snap it asap; it will become the next collectible soon...

Now, allow me to bring you back to earth - here is today's...

...yes, a sock darning mushroom nominated by Magda of MagdaMagdaDesign. Yay, you go girl! You will get a special loyalty prize for your indomitable contribution to this series* :-)
*Magda is the winner of the Little Black Dress book by Simon Henry.
No lengthy descriptions this time, because there is a great sock darning tutorial on
For real darning aficionados, here is a Wikipedia Darning Page.

By the way, if you decide that you can't live without the mushroom, check out eBay or Etsy; or, as Magda suggested - a more frugal alternative - the lighting bulb.

Happy mending!

a propos, my couture mending pledge! Any ideas what couture techniques to use when mending socks? I thought about it all night... applying alencon lace? beads?... I need a break!


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