Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sewing Gadgetmania: Voting is open!

The time is up for the big Sewing Gadgetmania Giveaway – we have to determine the best tool submitted by readers.

The winner, just to remind you is getting this great book:

So back to the Sewing Gadgetmania entries:

Only reader-submitted entries qualify for the prize, so please everyone have a look at the right sidebar and vote in the poll for the most desirable/valuable sewing tool among those nominated. One of the three - Magda, Alessa or Maria – will be the winner based on your votes.

But this is not all, leave a comment here and you may win a vintage Vogue pattern from my stash.

As for the future of the Sewing Gadgetmania series, I enjoyed researching and learning about the tools so much that I decided to continue the weekly posts. Maybe one day we have here a sewing tool encyclopedia :-)

Feel free to nominate your tools – I will make sure that there will be enough nice surprises along the way!


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