Thursday, April 14, 2011

Superstitions from the House of Chanel revisited

I took sick leave today.

The positive side of it is that I got to work on the skirt that I featured in my latest couture technique.

The material I chose, as you can see on the image, is plaid boucle and so I decided to hand-pick the zipper on the center back to insert it inconspicuously. Invisible zipper seemed too fragile to me for this somewhat bulky fabric. While I am working on it, I am watching a movie on Netflix pricking my left index finger with the needle continuously. I remembered there was some meaning to it - Chanel seamstresses deciphered the signs in the great documentary Signe Chanel. I blogged about a while ago, so I went back and checked.

The result: pricking the left-hand index finger means boredom at home :-) partly true...

I wish it was middle finger, or the ring finger! If you want to know why, check out the original post with all the superstitions from the House of Chanel.

And if you want to watch this episode from the documentary, enjoy it (the part I am talking about is at 6:25 min after the start):

Do you know any sewing superstitions?

Now, back to my skirt zipper... And stay tuned for pictures of my new all-hand-sewn charmeuse blouse this evening!


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