Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Sewing Studios

Another inspiration post today, and this time it is not about art, great performers or style icons. I wanted to talk about what triggers our creativity, in rather practical context. I am talking about our sewing spaces.

I discovered Studios magazine today. Published by Interweave Press as a special issue of the cloth-paper-scissors magazine, it features over 100 pages of organization and storage ideas for designers, artists and amateurs.

In a today’s newsletter from Sew Daily, 'an online community for sewing enthusiasts' hosted by Stitch magazine, the magazine editor Tricia Waddell says that one of the key things she had realized over the years was, that the way her sewing space was set up completely affected how much sewing she accomplished. Studios provided her with a lot of great ideas for creative storage and de-cluttering tips, she said suggesting that it’s time to do some spring-cleaning.

And even though she promotes an affiliated magazine I could not agree more with her. If my stash, notions and my sewing space was organized better I would have been more productive. For example, I would have been able to use every available 15 or 30 minutes to do some basting or cutting, or tracing. Now, I have to wait until the space is available...

... I followed the link to the most recent issue of the magazine, and here are my favorites from this month’s contents: 

  • 12 ways to De-stash
  • Storage Solutions: How to organize and use your inspiration articles efficiently
  • Make Your Own Thread Storage Unit
  • Color is Primary: A Designer’s Studio Makeover. Plus: Not Your Grandpa’s Pegboard

It is also possible to order past issues. I found the one from Winter 2010, which features studios for tight spaces and tips on how to maximize available space.

  • We Gather Together: Creative ways to assemble supplies and art friends.
  • Stay Sharp: Pointers for caring for your needles
  • A Tiny, Tidy Home Studio
  • Table Talk: Find the Right Worktable for you and your art
  • Yarn Tamers: How to store and organize your yarn and knitting supplies

Somewhat overpriced at $14.99 for both print and digital editions, the magazines nevertheless provide some contemporary and stylish studio solutions.

I am not sure I will purchase more than one issue, but I do need some ideas for organizing my sewing space. I desperately need a cutting table that can serve only this purpose. And it should have some storage options without looking drab. And, I want to hide my fabric stash, because right now it is folded on bookshelves, and even though it looks tidy it distracts me from ongoing projects. I could go on and on.

How does your sewing space organization affect your sewing? And what is the most challenging issue with your sewing space?


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