Saturday, October 1, 2011

Join Blogtober Fest!

Have you heard of Blogtober Fest?! In this 'humble' blog festival, Tinniegirl, who started it, is challenging participants to post on their blogs everyday. Why? Here is what she says:

"You'll also be giving yourself the opportunity to connect with new blogs, ramp your blogging mojo right up and have a whole lot of fun.  I like to think that Blogtoberfest is a celebration of the best things about blogging - self expression, creativity, community and fun.  It's also a great way to celebrate the ordinary and every day."
So, I joined it, thinking of Blogtober fest as a little experiment as I have not managed yet to blog every day.  I promise I won't be spamming you, readers. I will just try to finally catch up with all the exciting post I often want to share but have little time to post.

If you want to join, use the button on the right sidebar.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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