Saturday, May 14, 2011

Burdastyle Day party!

Burdastyle has somehow become the focus of this week for me. First, my guest post has appeared on their website, and then, on Thursday, I went to the Burdastyle Day party at Purl Soho here in New York. It was small and sweet, and I had a chance to meet the Burdastyle team and some of my favourite bloggers and Burdastyle members! How cool is that?

Most of the images I took turned out blurry (blame the iPhone), sorry, but here are my favourites:

I finally met Marcy of Oonaballoona! She is one of my favourite bloggers!
...and my celebrity moment :-) 

Visit Burdastyle photostream for better shots of this fun event! And, thank you Burdastyle, for organizing this meetup!

Have you attended a Burdastyle party in your area? Do you occasionally meet other sewing and fashion bloggers?


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